How long does it work to start work on my order?

We’ll start you work within 24 hours.Usually we try our best to start work asap we get your order and very soon you’ll see a flow of followers in your account.

How long will it take to complete my order?

Your order will be delivered as quickly as possible.Please visit our pricing page for turnaround time for every package.We May be able to to drive followers even faster!Delivery times will vary for different packages because we are delivering REAL and TARGETED followers.Our all followers are 100% real followers.

How I'll understand that how many followers you delivered?

We’ll track your followers number when we’ll start working on your account and after completing your order we’ll notify you by email with update results.

Do you SPAM or send any message to my followers ?

NO! We don’t send any message, tweet and NO SPAM.Your accounts is 100% safe with us. Our Every client is very important to us. Our clients are partner with our business. We do business together with our clients so it’s our responsibility to satisfy and take care of our customer.

What type of followers can you add?

We can add 100% real people.We are able to add all real, keyword based and Geo location targeted followers.Suppose you have website, niche depending on some keywords and you want to get followers based on those keywords or you want all followers from USA,UK,Germany etc.You just need to submit your keywords and Geo location then we’ll start adding follower depending on your wish.If you are targeting any company’s or any person’s twitter accounts and want to get their profiles followers then you can submit that targeted user name and see the result.We are here for fulfill your every requirements.

What can I do when my twitter campaign is in progress?

To get the most out of your campaign, we recommend that you do NOTHING but tweet! Please don’t follow anyone, don’t unfollow anyone, don’t change your profile username or password.

What method do you use?

We use “FOLLOW” method.This is one of the fastest and efficient way to get real and targeted followers.We have perfected this method and it’s the safest and fastest way to get real followers.We also use some manual techniques and we abide by twitter TOS.We know how to get desired results and our experts are always working with this method.We can ensure you quality service.Our all techniques and experienced staff allow us to charge low prices than other competitors.

Why do you need my password?

We need your password so that we can log into your account and apply our method.As we mentioned above about our method and for getting real followers we need to apply our method that’s why we need to get access of your account. Some companies are offering twitter followers without password but it’s not possible to get real and targeted followers.They are using some programs,robot to increase followers.Since this is their method, they don’t need your password!You can easily understand by this way you’ll not get real and targeted followers.Without real and targeted followers you can’t expect your desired results.

Are my Twitter login details safe?

Of course!We take the security of your Twitter account very seriously.Only one person will have access on your account and Once work has been completed, your Twitter account information is permanently removed from our system.Your accounts information is 100% safe.we never abuse your account. We never tweet from it, never send direct messages out, and never change anything on your profile.After completing your order you can easily change your password.We only need your username and password we don’t need your email access.You are our client and part of our business so it’s our responsibility to protect your account security and provide you best support.If you are unsure about providing us with your real password, we advise changing it for something temporary while we are working on it and then change it. We will never share your account information with anyone.

Will my account get banned by using your service?

NO! We had more than 300 orders and none of them were banned or suspended. We’ve tested our methods extensively before getting into business. We only use manual methods, which means we never use automated software, create fake accounts or use Twitter API. We are looking for long term business relationship with you, so we will never risk your account.

How to place an order with requirements?

When you purchase a package always send us the required urls, targeting requirements, username/ passwords, paypal transaction id etc after completing order.You can submit all required things at the bottom of the Buy Twitter Followers page.

1. Click any “Buy Now” button (this will take you to PayPal Log in page)

2. Log in to your PayPal account.

3. Once you are logged in,Click confirm to confirm your payment with PayPal.

4.After completing order return back to Buy Twitter Followers page and submit all required information.

How money back guarantee works?

SocialseoBuzz money back guarantee is very simple.We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service we provide you. If you are not you can request a refund, no questions asked. We always want to satisfy you.If we can satisfy you by our service, we hope and believe you’ll come again and again and you’ll be a regular customer and that’s what we want.

Can I place a custom order?

Yes you can place a custom order.Just send us an email or use Contact page to contact with us.

Do You Need More? We Take Custom Order.Please Contact Us and let us know your unique order and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.